The Serenity of Embracing Change

Below is my article being published in the April edition of The Edge/Soul of the Cities magazine:

The Serenity of Embracing Change

Change and transformation are always in process to evolve us. How we respond to changes will determine how we evolve. We are now living within the 2,000 year cycle of the Age of Aquarius, and are amongst highly accelerated times of personal, emotional and spiritual growth. These evolutionary shifts have been prophesied by many ancient philosophers. To help embrace the shifts being revealed, I am comforted each day by these words of wisdom of The Serenity Prayer magnetized to my refrigerator door:

"God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference".

We cannot control economic trends, government shutdowns, energy shortages, war, and catastrophic changes to our earth. As these events happen, we must consciously stay neutral and allow these uncontrollable changes to unfold. Much of the chaos we see is actually an opportunity to recreate something new. Collapse and corruption rise to the surface to be revealed, healed and learned from. Like a river, chaos has its destination and purpose. It helps to shift our priorities from material obsessions to spiritual enlightenment. This may be the catalyst needed to rebuild our institutions based on truth, integrity, equality, sustainability and empowerment for the greatest good of all.

It’s easy to cling to what is safe, secure and familiar. It takes “courage to change” by releasing fears, speaking our truth and following our passion. Most of humanity is living in a trance and must be un-hypnotized from collective subconscious fears and limiting beliefs keeping us small and stagnant. Life's greatest possibilities are realized when we trust the calling of our hearts, the whispers of our intuition, and surrender to the synchronistic flow of the Universe.

Changes in our global and individual evolution cause us to either fight and keep old patterns that no longer work, or take flight and open up to new possibilities. To thrive, we must merge the high vibrational thoughts of our mind with the authentic emotions of our heart. We must use our voices and take action. Serving humanity with compassion through giving and receiving love is essential. Have you listened to the wisdom of the children? They are here to help us evolve. We must take time to breathe and remain in the present moment. We must find our people, join in community, and rise up to the challenges of balancing our Earth.

To rebuild with new visions, we must have the serenity to embrace change with wisdom, courage and trust. This is critical for our own happiness and for humanity’s evolution and survival. My hope is that we see change as a welcome tap on our shoulder to learn, grow, and evolve. The time is NOW to seize opportunities to live joyfully and realize our life’s greatest mission on Earth.

Lynn Koll is an ordained spiritual minister and is the founder of Soaring Heart Ministries. She is an author, healer, personal evolution coach and facilitator of circle gatherings. Her mission is to help humanity awaken to their personal and collective power and thrive during these shifting times. For more tools to assist your own evolution, view her blog at