OASIS Sacred Spa Gatherings-Detoxify and De-Stress!

I invite you to treat your Self to some Super Self-Care by coming to the OASIS Sacred Spa Session ...

Men, women and children are invited to be pampered at my home in Lake Elmo, MN
(address will be sent to all registrants upon reservation)

Cost for each 2-hour session is just $45.

Each person will soak for 30 minutes in my professional grade Ionic Foot bath to release toxins. You will also wear a Far-Infrared Waist Belt to help melt down the toxins and lose inches!

In addition, each session will include:

* guided visualization to get grounded and become present
* Stimulate your life force energy, detoxify and increase your immunity using a Swinging Chi Machine
* Receive divine messages from guides with Angel Cards, Fairy Cards, etc.
* Feel the tension melt away with a mini hand/foot and shoulder massage and energy work
* Unwind with an herbal neck wrap and hydrating eye pads
* Indulge in various lotions, essential oils, and skin care products

The intention of this event is to connect, detoxify, and enjoy the spa experience that will minimize stress of the times we are currently enduring. Please forward this to invite any friends who may be interested in attending, or come along yourself and meet other amazing women!!

Contact me to set up your best time to schedule an OASIS Sacred Spa Session just for yourself or with your group of friends, family or co-workers:

It's time to take a breather in your life. Thanks so much for supporting my passion of helping you to De-stress and Detoxify!!

Soaring Heart Ministries, Lynn Koll
www.lynnkoll.com phone: 651/308-0255

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