Awesome Women...Where Every Woman's Voice Makes A Difference

Doesn't it feel wonderful to be heard, validated for who you are?  Want support and motivation to launch your dreams? That is exactly what the power of circles are! My involvement in an Awesome Woman circle has changed my life.  It gave me the confidence and support I needed to step out of my accounting job and move more into my passions of coaching, facilitating groups and connecting people and resources. My circle of women have become my life-long circle of support and we continue to encourage each other on our journeys. I am deeply grateful for Awesome Women and all the women who have crossed my path because of it!

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Awesome Women was founded over 12 years ago by 5 founding Mothers. Awesome Women seeks to strengthen, encourage and promote women's voices. We affirm each other in our movement forward to serve, and the difference we make in our lives and communities ripples out into the world.

Several women have been trained as Circle Facilitators, and many are leading circles throughout the Twin Cities of Minnesota, as well other states  in the USA. Trainings have been in person and also via teleclass. See our website for more information at: