DNA Healing Sessions (EIP)

Eliminating Interference Patterns (EIP) of DNA

I was certified as an Energy Practitioner for the EIP healing modality in 2001. I have recently upgraded the module and am very excited about this process and its ability to heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues in such short time. I have also integrated some of my own bodywork and healing modalities into the process so that it fits well with me and what I want to offer others.

Interference pattern elimination is a modality which instantly identifies and clears away interference patterns lodged in the DNA. Our bodies’ communication systems have been broken down due to feelings from limiting beliefs about ourselves and the way we perceive the world. Each limiting belief has a vibrational interference pattern that causes negative emotions, and this can affect and distort your DNA. Many of our emotions can be traced through our DNA from up to 7 generations ago, or from previous lives of our souls. These patterns are the cause of conditions in your life experience that demonstrate any thing less than perfect abundance, health, harmony, and flow in all areas.

Besides physical characteristics inherited within your DNA, you also inherit experiences, talents, beliefs and emotions, from your parents and from the lineage of generations before them. DNA can be compared to a book; it contains recorded and stored information. We each have a total of 46 genetic/energetic chapters. We inherit 22 chapters from our mother, and 22 chapters from our father. The remaining two of these chapters contain what is referred to as the Original God Code which is the blueprint of perfect health, abundance, and wholeness.

Which experiences do you choose to embrace as truth in your life experience? Our beliefs create our reality. Using the tools from EIP of DNA, we can choose beliefs that empower and heal. While some disturbances and patterns are put in our life for necessary reasons, we can gently transmute any fear based thoughts that prevent us from living in full joy of the present moment.

During the EIP process, as a client and practitioner we will:

1) Activate your DNA with an intention for perfect wholeness

2) Identify the specific source emotion, element, and organ causing an energetic interference pattern through a vibrational number mapping system

3) Neutralize interference patterns and emotions with natural remedies and energy body work

4) Manifest a desired pattern using guided imagery from a theta brainwave state

5) Set healing in action by anchoring and affirming the new desired emotion

The power to break free is within our reach by deliberately programming the subconscious mind and using it as the vital tool it is intended to be. In turn, this will attract the people, situations and circumstances that vibrate at the same frequency to accomplish your desires. The revealing that comes from this healing process is simple, amazing, stress reducing and will bring a renewed sense of peace and prosperity to your life. Contact me soon to schedule your EIP session!

Lynn Koll, Certified Energetic Practitioner
Soaring Heart Ministries

Cell phone: 651/308-0255
email: lmkoll@comcast.net