Keeping Positive in these Shifting Times...

Welcome to my site! Right now my life is an open book in constant creation of new opportunities. I am certainly in the middle of huge shifts in my life, just as many of you are. For the past 25 years, I have been working with my "left brain" in the finance area of small businesses. For the past 8 years, I have been developing my "right brain" passions and feeling ready to step more into my calling and my purpose to be of service in helping to awaken humanity.

As many of you also know and feel, our Earth is in the midst of a huge transformation shift. This New Reality is being created as the old systems begin to fail and collapse. We have huge opportunities to co-create new ways of sustainable living and learning about our purpose. In its simplest form, the New Reality is emphasising the need to become more centered in heart consciousness. Centering in heart-consciousness surrounds all that I do and be, and it has provided life-changing opportunities and synchronocities.

In the old energy, our paradigm consisted of needing rules and codes of behavior to follow. In this new field of Reality, we are questioning the "rules" we were brought up in and are assessing whether they truly resonate with our heart and truth. The new children being born are so tuned in to the heart consciousness, and all we need to do is help them understand why. They have wisdom and a knowing that is amazing!

I was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio about my perspective on the shifting times we are currently in. To hear my interview with Mary Regnier from Brilliant Living, click here and go to the archive link called "Shift of the Ages-Joyfully Thriving During This Time".

The intention of this website is to provide insights, articles, events and tools that will help you and the rest of humanity to awaken. We have been in slumber for a long time, and have hit the snooze button for long enough! It's time to turn off the buzzer on the alarm clock and WAKE UP!

Now is the time to look at who we are, why are here, and where we are going. With all the changes taking place, we must embrace change in our lives as an opportunity to grow. In order to evolve, we must focus on healing our past, being fully here in the present, and creating the future of our dreams. Life is filled with much more joy and inspiration when we awaken and take action and fill our lives with authentic purpose, passion and power. If not now, when?

To contact me and discuss ways to help your awakening journey, email me, Lynn Koll at . I can be reached via phone at 651/308-0255.